Sell Accounting Software: Buzz

We’re honored to receive such high marks from our partners. Below is a small sampling of the feedback we’ve received. The comments remind us that success, in our business, is dependent on providing our partners with profitable sales opportunities.

“The most significant contribution to my business model”

“After 15 years representing several publishers, Great Plains, Platinum, Macola, BusinessWorks, your company has REVOLUTIONIZED the industry. Yes, you have finally taken the software industry to a mature business model ... You have made the next most significant contribution to my business model since I signed my first resellers agreement.”

—Patricia Thornton, P.A. Thornton, CPA

“More than paid for itself”

“The service has more than paid for itself.”

—Stacey Downing, Innovative Solutions

“The deal we closed is worth close to $1 million in revenue ... our largest sale from a lead generation source”

“We received a lead from Find Accounting Software ... that turned into our largest sale from a lead generation source or non-referral prospect. The deal we closed is worth close to $1 million in revenue for our company right now, with the strong potential for additional business opportunities with sister and parent companies...Leads generated by Find Accounting Software can turn into huge, successful opportunities.”

—Mary Mauser, SCS, Inc.

“Superior to many other programs”

“I think the program is great, I must say I am very impressed, the quality of the leads, the qualifying, very good and certainly is superior to many other programs out there.”

—Aleta Kane, Bowen & Groves

“Your company has changed my life!”

“Your company has changed my life! I have studied your company/leads over the past six months: 15 leads, 9 will purchase in next 3-6 mos. Those are incredible statistics. I have never been more optimistic since I passed the CPA exam in 1983. I believe you will make me very happy.”

—Patricia Thornton, P.A. Thornton, CPA

“We found a significant opportunity within one mile”

“Our short story version is that the day we signed up with Find Accounting Software, we found a significant opportunity within one mile from our office. Here we are calling all over the territory looking for prospects and there is one in our backyard.”

—Philip A. Schmidt, Construction Solutions

“Our number one lead source ... the highest return on investment, as compared with other programs”

“Since subscribing to Find Accounting Software, it has quickly become our number one lead source. Over the years, we have tried various marketing campaigns offered to us by various firms, including direct mail, telemarketing, etc. Find Accounting Software has, to-date, provided us with the highest return on investment, as compared with other programs we’ve tried. I would highly recommend this service.”

—Jerry Helms, HardHat Technologies

“Fits our products and services”

“We like the ability to select the work that fits our products and services without wasting a lot of time with companies that might need something different.”

—Philip A. Schmidt, Construction Solutions